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Gun Control- Illustrated at its best

I was cleaning up some old download files and found this interesting anti-NRA cartoon.

The perspective of the apparent 6 year old artist and his/her take on the anti-gun movement.

What I find interesting is the direct accuracy that this child has on firearm ownership and mis-use.

Following the paradigm that Bad People use guns and good people dont we are presented with this cartoon truth.

Good people without guns = dead people
We can see that the bad people killed the good people because the good people did not have guns.

So digest the image a little while and now lets make a choice.

Here are your options?
Be Good people and Don’t have a gun and die.
OR Be good people and be able to defend yourself against the Bad people that are out to Kill you.

I like the BSA Scout Motto: “Be Prepared”

Your thoughts?