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COPE and Challenge Course at VFI



We attended a team building event at Vertical Freedom Inc (VFI). CableMerge
VFI operates a high and low ropes course close to Pahrump, NV just 30 minutes from Kimball Scout Reservation.


We had a really good time.
The staff was great and we really pushed our boundaries on what we each thought we could do.
After the little bit of stress (ing out) was over we got to it.
We started on the low stuff, really close to the ground.  The we did a Trust Fall.  Some of our members were not real excited about falling backwards into other peoples arms. Then we got to go up high. the goal was to stay on the cables (not falling off) and get the group across the obstacles. Some of us did a lot of hanging instead of standing.cablehang





At the end of the course we were lowered to the ground, some of the members were a little more comfortable on the rope than others.





If you are looking for a COPE course close to Las Vegas then this is it. Some of our crew members are trained to work on this course and it will be a lot of fun to coach your group through the course.

If you want to do a COPE course in Vegas go to

Keyhole Canyon 03/2014

After a little warm up on a rope we headed to the top of Keyhole canyon for a great first rappel.

A little warmup on the fat rope
A little warmup on the fat rope

It was a cool morning but warmed up quickly especially as we did a few warmup rappels.

After getting the feel of the rope we changed to the rope we will use in the canyon.


Practice for the canyon
Practice for the canyon






Now a little work on the uneven and changing surfaces or a canyon wall and we are ready for a hike.




hiking up
Hiking to the top







A short hike to the ridge line for an amazing view of the valley.



Happy Cactus at keyhole

Valley View from Keyhole Canyon



After a short hike (without the long detours) we arrived at our first rappel.

A nice way to enter the canyon... on a rope.
A nice way to enter the canyon… on a rope.


Its not as far as it looks…

It’s farther…

This rappel is often skipped and replaced with a short hike around the back side. But we were ready to get this rope ride started.



We made it through and had a great time in the canyon.


If you are interested in joining us for a local or a Utah canyon you need to join our crew.
We need adventurous young women and men between 14 and 20 years old to help us do amazing things.