Steel Challenge Report for 5/26/2012

Steel Challenge shoots are a Fund Raiser for our Venture Crew and we were really hoping for a better turnout. Sadly our ranges were not packed, however, it was a great day for shooting. Quite frankly any day on the range is better than one in the office.

We had a few new faces that showed up and Welcome to you all. We would especially like to thank the shooters that returned a second time and brought friends with them. You are the the ones that help keep us motivated to continue to put these event on.

The day was cool but not cold, the wind was a little high at times but it was a sunny day.

We had plenty of time to visit an Very Short waits at each stage. In fact for the most part you just had to walk up and shoot. Because of the turn out we decided to run a special and let anyone that wanted to play another full 4 stages for only $5. $30 for two attempts at 4 stages. Heh, if you have got ammo we will facilitate a way for you to use it!

We made use of 4 of the Member ranges at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol club. Three of the 4 stages were the more difficult ones and our fourth one was the easy walk through Smoke and Hope. Many shooters commented that the small plates seemed to be easier to hit… Maybe a little better focus on the front sight? or possibly the large targets at a distance were dancing so much in the wind they were just not there when the bullet arrived. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

Shooting the Roundabout
Shooting the Roundabout

We will have the scores posted as soon as we can get them transferred to the computer.

Our next event will be a full 8-stage event we hope to see many of you there. The Boulder City Range is easy to get to and we have plenty of parking and shade structures.

SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2012 8-Stage event
SIGN IN FROM: 7:45AM – 12:00PM

Please mark your calendars for a morning on the range with us. Remember 60% of the proceeds go towards our Youth shooting program and continuing these steel shoots for you. All staf are volunteering their time to support our Crew.
If you would like to volunteer to help for our 8-Stage event please contact us at ontarget @

-The RM

Gun Control- Illustrated at its best

I was cleaning up some old download files and found this interesting anti-NRA cartoon.

The perspective of the apparent 6 year old artist and his/her take on the anti-gun movement.

What I find interesting is the direct accuracy that this child has on firearm ownership and mis-use.

Following the paradigm that Bad People use guns and good people dont we are presented with this cartoon truth.

Good people without guns = dead people
We can see that the bad people killed the good people because the good people did not have guns.

So digest the image a little while and now lets make a choice.

Here are your options?
Be Good people and Don’t have a gun and die.
OR Be good people and be able to defend yourself against the Bad people that are out to Kill you.

I like the BSA Scout Motto: “Be Prepared”

Your thoughts?


Crew 45 Members at Play Come Join us.

Welcome the the Crew 45 Steel Shoot.

Crew45 Steel Challenge

We are required to test all our equipment before we permit anyone on the range to shoot. It is a Safety thing.

Make the steel sing at the Crew 45 Steel Challenge
Press and PINGGGG



Testing each plate and each stage to ensure they all make the right noise and are safe is sometimes a difficult task…
But our testers are hard at work and eager to make your event a satisfying series of Pings and Rings.






Shot it dry at Steel Challenge Crew 45
this is bad

Difficulties will sometimes arise such as having plates to test and no gun food.

Emergency Reload Steel Challenge Crew 45Each crew member is adequately prepared to handle any issue that arises and a quick reload solves most problems.

brass in air at Crew 45 Steel Challenge
Back in the game

After only a momentary pause the testing resumes. (note brass in air and he’s back on target) A solid Steel Tester.


ontarget at Steel Challenge Crew 45

If you are interested in being a part of an active Shooting Sports Crew then please contact us for membership information.
Venturing is a part of Boy Scouts but Serves Young Men and Women between the ages of 14 and 21. If you don’t have any scouting experience, it’s ok we will teach you everything you need to know.
If you are in a Troop and have earned your First Class rank and are at least 14, now is the time to join our crew.

You maintain your membership and activity with your Troop.
But activities you do in your Troop can apply to Venturing awards and things you do in the Crew can apply to your Troop awards.

You get to sign-off activities in both and do the work only once.

Visit one of our meetings and attend a range day with your parents. We will teach you how to safely handle several different firearms and you will start working on your shooting awards with your first shot down range.


We hope to see you on the range.


-The RM

Crew 45 Steel Shoot

Crew 45 will host three steel challenge events in 2012.
The events in February and May will be 4-stage events and will be preceded by an optional shooting clinic.
The event in September will be a full 8-Stage Steel Challenge competition.
Join Venture Crew 45 at the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club for competition in the Steel Challenge.

Crew 45 Steel Shoot is NOT a BSA SPONSORED ACTIVITY Crew 45 Steel Shoot is an OPEN COMMUNITY SHOOT EVENT.

* This will be a “lost brass” event.
* Participants must bring their own eye and ear protection
* Bring your own lunch and water (this is a Dry Range)
* The events will end when all shooters have completed their shooting.
* Participants must bring their own firearm and ammunition.
* Limited ammo will be available for purchase.
* Eyes and ears are required to be worn by ALL Persons while on property.
* The 4 stage events are open squad and individual shoots



SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2012 8-Stage event
SIGN IN FROM: 7:45AM – 12:00 PM

BRPC Members: $25 first 4-stages
Non-Members: $35 first 4-stages
Stage repeat fee: $5 for each additional stage 5 attempts each.

Have questions? Please email us at:

Our Calendar: Click to see calendar

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