Keyhole Canyon 03/2014

After a little warm up on a rope we headed to the top of Keyhole canyon for a great first rappel.

A little warmup on the fat rope
A little warmup on the fat rope

It was a cool morning but warmed up quickly especially as we did a few warmup rappels.

After getting the feel of the rope we changed to the rope we will use in the canyon.


Practice for the canyon
Practice for the canyon






Now a little work on the uneven and changing surfaces or a canyon wall and we are ready for a hike.




hiking up
Hiking to the top







A short hike to the ridge line for an amazing view of the valley.



Happy Cactus at keyhole

Valley View from Keyhole Canyon



After a short hike (without the long detours) we arrived at our first rappel.

A nice way to enter the canyon... on a rope.
A nice way to enter the canyon… on a rope.


Its not as far as it looks…

It’s farther…

This rappel is often skipped and replaced with a short hike around the back side. But we were ready to get this rope ride started.



We made it through and had a great time in the canyon.


If you are interested in joining us for a local or a Utah canyon you need to join our crew.
We need adventurous young women and men between 14 and 20 years old to help us do amazing things.