The 2015 UVC at Kimball Scout Reservation

What a great weekend. The Ultimate Venturing Challenge was a lot of fun. The girls learned a lot from all the different events. They started the day with a polar bear swim, got to participate in several mock first-aid events, mountain man type fire starting, Kodiak team building, Life Saving (pool), hand guns, crossbow, knots / lashings, and even some canoeing.

They started the morning with a slow start, but ending up being the first crew to complete all the events. I was super impressed at the Knot Station. The girls tied all the knots they were asked to and even completed the (tri-pod) lashing. The guy running the station said they were tied for second place at the time they completed it, but there were still more crews coming through.

I believe they made several friends this weekend, even with me teaching them how to socialize at the opening night cracker barrel. All three of them forgot towels for the pool, which I told them to use their networking skills to see if anyone brought extras and poof, three extra towels appeared.

Unfortunately, the awards ceremony is October 27th and we won’t find out how they did till then.

Assoc. Advisor Brent

:pictures to follow