Venturing is Adventure

What does Crew45 Offer?  “ADVENTURE!”

We are a Co-Ed crew, young Men and Women like you.

We are a fairly new crew and we need interested individuals that would like to learn and do High Adventure activities in a safe and fun environment.
We have several Leadership positions open and you may be just right for one of the positions.

We have scheduled a bunch of NRA shooting classes and we will be doing a lot of training for other crews, troops and their families. The crew members will (through practice) get up to speed on how to train many of these NRA programs.

We like sailing but here in the desert we dont get to do too much of it so we will have to travel to go play in the ocean. Of course while there we may snorkel, scuba, fish, and of course sail.

One of our advisors has a great camping and hiking area in Arizona (complete with shooting range) and we take regular trips out there just to get out of the valley. Sometimes it is just a relaxed get away and other times it is a hiking, camping, shooting, outdoor adventure. The crew decides which one they want.

We still do all the scout stuff that makes Venturing such a great time. So if you are in a troop or even a crew and you want add to the range of activities you can do come join us.

If you are new to scouting we have got a great time in store for you. Lots of fun, learning new skills you can use in your work, school, and adult life.

Shooting Sports and Scouts