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Front Sight Memberships and our Fund Raiser

Have you been thinking about getting your own Front Sight Firearms Training Membership?

Or maybe you have just been thinking about going to a class?

I have Diamond Front Sight Memberships (see the course list)  that I can now offer online to you. Ready to start your order? Click here to Start your order

You could go out and get some training classes from any nearby school or reputable individual and pay $150 to $400 per day. And the next time you want to take a class you will pay the same amount again.

For three classes you would be $450 – $1200 into payments. I HAVE A BETTER WAY with Front Sight Memberships.

Attend classes in Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, even sub-machine gun or an M-16. There are non-firearm related classes too like Child and Youth classes for 5-14 year olds, and Rope and Rappelling, Empty Hand and Edged Weapon classes are also in the mix. Classes for the kids and for you at the same time. *That’s why I have family deals on Front Sight Memberships too.*  Did you know these are in 2 day and 4 day formats!

There are even armorers classes that will teach you how to not only clean but build your gun.

After all the time wondering how to get your membership, I hope you are ready to make your move.

Follow this link to start your order? Start my order

Front Sight Memberships are the best way to start your training right.

Click to review what courses are included in this membership. You can not unlearn bad technique, all you can do it train differently over the top of it to develop new muscle memory patterns.

Start with good techniques and start with Front Sight, click to Start your order now.

For each purchase you make we make a donation to a youth shooting fund. Your individual purchase price is a total of $260. $100 of that purchase goes into a fund to provide training opportunities for youth shooters. The primary recipient of these funds are the youth in Venture Crew45 and the youth at the Boulder Rifle Pistol Club.

Pricing Breakdown: Each membership requires a $100 transfer fee. This fee is included in your purchase price unless otherwise noted.
$100 transfer of Your membership$100 transfer for a Youth membership
$2.00 convenience processing fee (added at checkout)
$ remaining amount is for Marketing and Admin Fees.

So you can see from the above matrix that you are getting and excellent deal and your purchase is helping to further the Front Sight Mission and encouraging the next generation of gun owners.

Steps to follow:
1. Click this link to start your order? Start my order
2. Complete the payment process then create your FrontSight account at MyFrontSight.com
3. Email your Front Sight UserID and payment receipt to fsmemberships@gmail.com (email not affiliated with Front Sight).


If you have any questions send an email to us at fsmemberships@gmail.com

Steel Challenge Report for 5/26/2012

Steel Challenge shoots are a Fund Raiser for our Venture Crew and we were really hoping for a better turnout. Sadly our ranges were not packed, however, it was a great day for shooting. Quite frankly any day on the range is better than one in the office.

We had a few new faces that showed up and Welcome to you all. We would especially like to thank the shooters that returned a second time and brought friends with them. You are the the ones that help keep us motivated to continue to put these event on.

The day was cool but not cold, the wind was a little high at times but it was a sunny day.

We had plenty of time to visit an Very Short waits at each stage. In fact for the most part you just had to walk up and shoot. Because of the turn out we decided to run a special and let anyone that wanted to play another full 4 stages for only $5. $30 for two attempts at 4 stages. Heh, if you have got ammo we will facilitate a way for you to use it!

We made use of 4 of the Member ranges at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol club. Three of the 4 stages were the more difficult ones and our fourth one was the easy walk through Smoke and Hope. Many shooters commented that the small plates seemed to be easier to hit… Maybe a little better focus on the front sight? or possibly the large targets at a distance were dancing so much in the wind they were just not there when the bullet arrived. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

Shooting the Roundabout
Shooting the Roundabout

We will have the scores posted as soon as we can get them transferred to the computer.

Our next event will be a full 8-stage event we hope to see many of you there. The Boulder City Range is easy to get to and we have plenty of parking and shade structures.

SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2012 8-Stage event
SIGN IN FROM: 7:45AM – 12:00PM

Please mark your calendars for a morning on the range with us. Remember 60% of the proceeds go towards our Youth shooting program and continuing these steel shoots for you. All staf are volunteering their time to support our Crew.
If you would like to volunteer to help for our 8-Stage event please contact us at ontarget @ Crew45.org

-The RM